Monday, February 1, 2016

Sudah satu Bulan!!! (Hampir)

I can't believe that I've almost been here for one month! I never really understood what they meant in the MTC when they said that the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days.  Everyday when we plan I feel like we do so much, but at the end of the week it feels like everyday went by so fast. This week felt super unproductive because we had everyone cancel on us! It's so hard because its part of their culture to not say no, so everyone gives us a false sense of interest. Its even rude to say the word no, they just always say belum, so not yet. An elder in Jawa Timor took that so literally, so he's been extending commitments to investigators to accept the gospel in the after life! So dumb!
Anyways I taught english class again this week, but instead of the advanced class I taught the beginner's class. So I taught them Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes. So it was super funny to have like 20 middle aged indonesians singing that song for an hour. But I really love teaching english class because I feel like I can relate to them really easy. Learning a new language kind of sucks, and it can be really embarassing when you screw up, but we just try to teach them to say ngak apa (whatever) and keep trying!
Other than that we taught a family of Papuans last night, they are straight from a tribe, but the lesson went super well. I just hope that they stay here long enough to progress, there are so many stories of people like them accepting the gospel but then having to go home cause they can't find work. Its hard to swallow that there are tribes out east that are using the Kitab Mormon but they can't be baptized cause there is no church out there. Papuans are about the only people we are teaching right now, because everyone else here is sooo muslim. That's why it really is so much more important who I am than what I say. That's what I'm really trying to focus on, because I know that some of the people here are ready to receive the message. First impressions are very important here, because in most cases that's all we get. So I'm just trying to focus on always reflecting that I'm a representative of Christ, thats what I try to think everytime I want to sleep on a bus or look like I'm having a hard time, because people are always watching me. So I just need to hunker down and slap a smile on my face and pray that I can be a light for some of these people.

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