Sunday, January 31, 2016

Mingu Ke Tiga

What a crazy week! First off the terrorist attack in Jakarta! We were just finishing our appointment when the member who's house we did it at told us about it. We didn't really find out much about it later that night, and then the next day we bought a newspaper for language study, and read about it. So this last week or so we haven't been able to go to any places associated with America, so no micky d's :(
Anyway, this week we had a ton of lessons planned or potential investigators and they all just disappeared from the face of the earth. We only have one legit progressing investigator right now.  Her name is Riska and she's from Papua. I hope that we can meet with her again this week.  Her brother is the one who gave us her name. He would be a member if he could but he lives in Papua and there aren't any churches there, but he met the missioniaries in Jakarta, and when he can come to church 3 weeks in a row he will be baptized. So I hope that we can spark that same desire in her.
We have been teaching a lot of inactive members though, and we've had some success. We meet with Brother Wolly, every week.  He's deaf and we don't know how he has money but he has a lot, because everytime we meet with him he has a new cell phone, or lap top or tablet, its the weirdest thing. But I love teaching him, he's such a good guy.
And after this we are going to take Brother Rodger to the hospital, he's a refugee from Congo. His conversion story is so cool, he speaks french but somehow the missionaries taught him english, so we translate church for him everyweek. That has been a big help to me having to translate lessons for him. But know he's trying to learn indonesian. He has such a strong testimony and just wants to go to the temple so he can do work for his parents. It really has shown me how lucky we are to live so close to temples, and help out brothers and sisters obtain eternal life!
Anyways every week is getting faster and faster, and know that I can actually communicate with people I'm enjoying my mission 100X's more!

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