Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Apostate Missionary

Well this week started off super cool. We were in Jakarta for PLD on Monday and Tuesday, so we just got to look around the city for P Day. It was so fun, first we went to 7-11 (the slurpees are the same here!) then they also had hot dogs, I haven't missed american food to much but, after eating it for two days I miss it so much now. They eat the same stuff hear for all three meals, even though its way good it can get kind of old, the other missionaries say that you just have to get over it. But then we went to the grand indonesia mall, it was so big! Its 56 stories high and at the top there is a place called Skye Bar it was so cool to look over the city, even though we didn't go on the best day it was still a cool sight. After that we returned to Bogor, and we had probably our best week yet! We finally have had some contacts go somewhere, so we finally have someone to teach!
First, we taught this huge family from Sumatra, they've been meeting with the missionaries forever but, only for english class, because until recently we were allowed to teach english in villages, but anyways they never really progressed. We had an appointment get cancelled that we were going to because the elders in that area had something else. So we decided to stop by this house. When we got there the whole family was inside. We weren't planning on sharing about the preisthood because thats how this family met the missionaries in the first place because they were given a preisthood blessing. So after we spoke with them we started our lesson, my comp taught the first part and when it became my turn my mind went blank. It was the weirdest thing, because I've been feeling so confident in the language but I honestly couldn't even remember how to say that I was from America! I froze for what felt like an hour, but then the only thing I could remember how to say was about Prayer. So I just started talking about prayer, then the oldest daughter started saying how her son had died this last year, and she was afraid that she would never have any children again. And how her husband was so depressed and said that they were already old and that they would never have children. But then when her son was in his last days she prayed and received an answer saying that if her son died she would have another child. So a couple of months passed and one night she woke up and felt like she should take a pregnancy test and she did so and it came out positive. It was the craziest thing. The spirit was so strong in the room, everyone was so skocked about what they had heard. They all said that before they had heard everything but they thought is was all BS, but now they want to learn more. It was the craziest thing, because I know that even though I was able to smoothly say all of the things I wanted to about prayer, it was nothing special. It was such a cool experience that I will never forget. For PLD we talked about not getting in the way of the Holy Ghost, and I think we realized that we've just been teaching what we think is right, and that we had forgotten to involve the most import person in our planning.
Anyways, I will figure out who my next companion will be this next week and I'm super excited. I'm mainly just sick of thinking who it could be, because I keep hearing all of this names and I don't know who any of them are, so I only have to rely on the Gossip. I'm really excited for this upcoming week because we have a bunch on new investigators and  I can't wait to get in and really teach them. I think all of our hard work is finally being rewarded, so now we just have to put all of our focus on trying to touch the hearts of these many new people.
The view from the Sky Bar

Me and Brother Rodger and Wolly (our deaf member)

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