Monday, February 15, 2016

The Squater

Well this week was kind of boring because I was super sick. I woke up Tuesday night and just felt like crap. So I went to the bathroom and just started throwing up, and then like 5 minutes later I had super bad Diarrhea. Then I was up the rest of the night with pretty much the same stuff, it was horrible. Then that has pretty much been the story all week. But I somehow managed to make it out of the house everyday, just to sprint to the nearest bathroom once we got out of our little neighborhood.  But because of this I experienced a big faith building moment. Even though its about 75% squatters here I made it a month and a half without having to use one. I guess you could say that I've always been super scared to use one because you have to squat lower than I thought I could because you have to leave your heels on the ground. Anyways I didn't think I could do it. So Elder Bills and I were out and about and I started feeling so sick. So we ran to a Indo Maret and I went straight to the bathroom just to discover that it was a squater! So I proceeded to take everything off because that's what you have to do. And said a little prayer, and I was able to do it! It was incredible. I now have a strong testimony that the lord gives us strength when we need it.
Other than that we had our lone investigator come to church again, but this time he brought his friend. It was so good. I have never seen a more muslim looking man in my life, but he's the biggest Christan. His bible is so marked up, and we struggled in our lesson because he just kept sharing verses of why he thinks our church is true. I'm so excited for the opportunity to teach him. I think that all of our hard work is paying off this week, because on Wednesday we are going out to Cisarwa to teach a bunch of refugees from the middle east, and I'm way pumped for that. In the past they've had a lot of success with refugees, and I hope that we can continue that streak.
Other than that I just hope I'm healthy again this week because this last week sucked.  Nothing is worse than having to waste time sitting in the house. Two years is so short, and I don't want to waste my time being sick.
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