Sunday, December 13, 2015

Damai Dan Cinta

Sorry that I still haven't sent home any letters, I'm just always so busy! The schedule here has me doing something at all hours of the day, except for personal time, which is only an hour at the very end of the day. And in that hour I spend time writing in my journal, and then hanging with the guys in my zone. I really have made some great friends in my zone and I will be so sad when they all leave on Monday. They really are my best friends that are here, like at lunch and during personal time I just talk with them and not really my comps. My zone of I think 18 people will shrink to 7 and remain that way until I leave.
Its crazy that in 25 days I will hop on a plane and be gone for the next two years.  The MTC has gone by so quickly, and I really have enjoyed my time here.  I honestly have the coolest experiences here, and I can feel the spirit so strongly.  The food isn't any better, and I even found a scripture explaining my feelings about it, Jeremiah 4: 19-21.  I really can tell that he had received personal revelation of what the MTC would be like, and I can see him when I read that speaking directly to me!!!!
The language is honestly such a roller coaster, I'd say 40 percent of the time I think that I'm the smartest man alive, and the other 60 percent I can't understand a thing.  Yesterday was super hard, and I couldn't remember anything.  I got so discouraged when I had to teach Sister Soloman that I sat down at my desk and just about cried, I had the most discouraging thoughts, but then just 5 minutes later I was able to do such a good job teaching my teacher! So I don't know.
I"m starting to like my companions more which is good.  I really do love Elder Thompson (Madagascar) but he really is the weirdest kid I know.  Plus he farts more that anyone I know, and that can get pretty annoying. But we get along super well, every night we stay up until almost 12 just talking. And then elder Bell burps just about every other breath he takes, and still his breath hasn't improved. Plus he has no drive. So I'm left to plan our lessons and do all the speaking in the lesson and its just super hard.
Other than that everything is just about the same here, so Damai dan Cinta 
Saya megasihi anda

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