Thursday, December 31, 2015

Memaliki Natal Nakal

Selamat Natal!!!! It's so close now!!! We received our flight plans last week.  We leave the MTC at 11:30 on monday then we leave the Salt Lake airport at 5:27 and arrive in Los Angeles at 6:35 their time. Then we leave LA at 10:35 and arrive in Hong Kong at 6:00 am on the 30th. Then our final flight leaves at 9:25 and we arrive in Jakarta at 1:20.  I'm so excited, even though it's a ton of travel time.

Last week on Friday my district received emails saying that our visa's weren't here yet and that we would be reassigned state side until they came. So I was assigned to the San Fernando California Mission. So then my whole district received emails right after that saying it was a mistake except me!  So all weekend I thought for sure I was going stateside, but then on Monday I went to the travel office and they said that they had forgotten to send that email to me! So I am leaving on Monday!!!!

Other than that everything is winding down. I believe that I have learned all that I can at the MTC and I can't wait to get out in the field.  I'm not yet fluent in my language but I'm very confident that I'm at least conversational.  But we will see, it's kind of scary because they all speak differently on every island, so I'll have to learn how to repronounce everything depending on what city I'm called to!!! But I know that as long as I continue to strive to be the best missionary I can be the lord will bless me, and I know that he wants me to succeed in my mission even more that I want to.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and know that I'm praying for you all, and the next time I'll be writing home I'LL BE IN INDONESIA.

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