Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sebalas Hari Lebi

Ahhhh I can't believe that my time at the MTC is coming to an end!!!! I'm way excited though.  Yesterday I was able to host incoming missionaries and it seemed like it was just yesterday that I was arriving here. I will get my flight plans tomorrow!!!!

The language is coming so fast. I barely speak any bahasa ingris now, its crazy how fast I'm learning the language now.  We've been teaching girls from Indonesia every Thursday and at first I couldn't understand a word they said because they speak so fast, but last week I could understand just about everything.  But I'm still very nervous to get to Indonesia because they speak so different in every area.

Other than that everything is about the same.  I'm getting along with my companions more and more, and our zone is getting along super well.  One of the Sisters, who is going to Albania had to stay another two weeks because she hurt her foot has honestly been such a good example to me.  I'm glad that she has stayed here cause when you spend 12 hours in a class room with the same people it's nice to have some one else to talk to. Plus she's handled this trial so well.  Even though she's on week 12 of the MTC she still has the biggest smile and you can tell she's just so happy to be here.

Anyways everything here is just about winding down. The next time I speak to y'all I'll be packing my bags and getting ready to fly halfway around the world.  Anyways saya mengasihi anda semua, dan semoga berhasil mingu depan ini!!!!


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