Saturday, November 28, 2015

Selamat Hari Syukur

Ahhh its weird that I'm actually here!!!! But the MTC isn't even close to as bad as I thought it would be.  I have two companions Elder Bell going to Indonesia and Elder Thompson going to Madagascar.  They're honestly the weirdest kids I know. I get along with Elder Thompson the best though.  He's from Alaska and Idaho.  He is super shy and is having a super hard time.  He crys a lot and I'm not sure if he'll stay much longer.  But I hope he does, its weird I know that I wouldn't talk to him at all if he went to school with me but I really do care for him so much. My other companion is like the typical college bro but not cool at all.  We taught a girl form indonesia this week and I had to do everything!!!!!! But it went better than I thought it would, its crazy the gift of tounges really is real!! Her name is Gina (really pronounce the G, she gets mad at me cause I always say it like Aunt Gina) and she is super pretty, so I'll probably just marry an Indonesian. jkjkjkjkjkj but not really kidding if they all look like Gina!!!!
The food here is awful, I honestly only eat salad, PB and J, and chocolate milk. On Monday they were out of chocolate milk and I considered coming home, but then for dinner we had chick-fil-a and they refilled the chocolate milk!!!!!!!!!!!  (jk about coming home)

Other than that my zone is super cool, and I've made a lot of friends.  We play a lot of pranks. Like the other night they planted two alarm clocks in my room that went off at 12:30, and 5, so last night we put 4 alarm clocks in the same kids room that all went off at 2:10, we also covered the buttons with gel so that they had to wash their hands and really get up!! So who knows what those elders are planning right now...

We get gymtime everyday so I just play basketball. They have a record wall and the free throw is only 53 so next p day elder curtis (my zone leader who played at lone peak) and I are going to try and get our names up on the board.

Its weird the people in my zone remind me so much of people back home, one of my zone leaders looks just like Sara, and their mannerisms are identical, plus my companion always whips and says cool beans. And then Elder Gasio is just like Andrew, so I chill with him a lot. And Elder Curtis is like Tucker, and Elder Bradshaw (who I pranked) is Porter.

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