Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mingu Kedua

Week two was much better!  I'm getting used to the food, and I wasn't sick at all this week. I feel like this week I really started my mission.  We had more lessons this week, and I was actually able to do some teaching in them, rather than just bearing a testimony at the end. Its crazy how much I have been able to learn in the last two weeks.
At the moment we don't have any new investigators, and it is kind of hard to find people. We talk to a lot of refugees from the middle east, and we use English because they know even less Indonesian than I do. It's really cool to hear their stories and how they had to give everything up. I don't know how open they are to our message, but they just seem like they need a friend.  This week we plan to teach a lot of them, and who knows, maybe we found a group of people who are ready to accept our message.
We also taught a man who competed in the 2008 Olympics this week. He's a very interesting guy, and his house is full of statues from papua which they all looked like easter island statues. I don't know I just have loved the opportunity this week to meet so many new people with cool stories.  Missionary work really is the coolest thing, think about it, for two years I have the opportunity to go to a completely different place, and only worry about trying to make the people around me happy.
Like I said earlier we've had a hard time finding new people to teach so we've been trying new places in our area, that my comp who's been here forever hasn't been before. That's how we ran across the community of refugees.  The first guy I talked to, and asked why he had come here, laughed and asked if I was aware of world news, then he talked about how hard it is to gain refugee status, and then I asked him where he wanted to go after Indonesia, and he said he didn't know. So I said that he should come to America, and he just laughed and said that they would never let him in! We also tried contacting in a place where they're are so many prostitutes. We collected like 10 contacts before we realized that it was unusual that only skimpy dressed 20 something year old women wanted to talk to us! But we are told to talk to everybody, so I think we didn't do anything wrong ;)
Other than that I'm doing much better, and I can honestly say that I love it here. I'm learning so much, and I don't have a worry in the world, I just wake up and pray that the street food doesn't wreck my stomach!

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